Second Chances Part Two Preview

I've been working on the second chapter of Second Chances, which is good because I've definitely gotta crank up my output in 2011. The last chapter took months and months, but if I can keep up the productivity I've had this week, I'll have another full issue of Wax Breast finished by Summertime. Ah, blessed Summertime. My heart swells for her. That is very sincere. 

So this is a preview to keep you all on the edge of your computer desk seats. I really like spending what feels like a long time on inconsequential side characters, because for one, I would get bored just drawing Tony and Grevin over and over, and for two, I like trying to develop seemingly generic characters (like two plodding street beat cops) in as short a time as possible. Like last issue when I did a little scene where two librarians share a short conversation. I dunno, maybe everyone does this...I haven't read that many comics. But it's pretty fun. If your idea of fun is painstakingly rendering shitty little cartoons all by yourself in the middle of the night while listening to the Adam Carolla mean that doesn't sound fun to you? What if I told you I chuff away at cigarettes in my bedroom all night while I work, so all my possessions stink? Still no? Well fine, dummies. Have fun with your group activities and sports and sex and proper dinners. I'll be drawing basically fat old versions of myself over and over again in my room, then meticulously posting them on the internet.

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Patrick Thurber said...

god, the commitment i feel radiating from this is making me black sweat. you are 2HOT2HNDL with this post.