Update Oct 28 2016

Hello ravenous public, I haven't been updating this blog at ALL, because I happen to know that almost no one looks at it and this medium is sort of out of date. However, I just applied for the LA Art Book Fair and I want to update all my stupid websites and make sure they are packed with up-to-date CONTENT in case the judges decide to dig around. Hi judges, I really, really want to be in the book fair and I'll do such a good job with the people and bring lots of great, subversive materials. 

I should probably do this once a week because my life is wild and I should write it down more. Here's a few pictures. For more commodified existence, check out ed.riv on Instagram. And remember to do your research on the election, the presidential position is not real but local politics are. Vote Mickey Mouse!

Drawing Club at YOLANDA.
Working on Halloween Party decorations w Marcusi, Nigrosh, Dana Bassett at ACRE.
Made an 8-ball reaper for the party which is tonight at ACRE HQ. 

Rivera seen here on Polaroid with tiny dog.

jan 2016

This Rivera blog is grossly under-hyped, today it is 1 degree and so I sat at my computer and did website stuff for several hours, I really hate this cold weather even more than I hate using a computer in any capacity. News of the day...I restarted my website, keep an eye on that. I have a lot to add still but there's some comix up for now, same old shit really but you get the idea.

Also we are taking submissions for issue 3 of Puddin' Magazine. The theme is "JUST THE TIP." Send your erotic photos, texts and drawings to puddinmag@gmail.com. This issue's due date will be March 20th, no exceptions, hard deadline. Here's some sex for to inspire:

puddin' #2

hello old slathering fool fans, eddy rivera here. i almost never post on here anymore - do you want me to get back to internet "blogging?" do i have something to say? people used to come on here and read this blog, but maybe it's getting to be an outdated platform. i think instagram sort of took over and is so much easier to use and better-but considerably more evil, as well. i am drinking coffee and want to get away from the horrific paris terror news.

puddin' #2 hit the market. this issue is 60 pages! there are about twice as many contributors! color cover! 4-page color insert! more photos! more drawings! it's really good, you can order it here.

cover image, edited by Melba & AA Lam

cartoon by R.I.V.
cartoon by R.I.V.

Puddin' #1

Some sample images from Puddin' Magazine. New issue debuts Nov 7.

After Party feat Naff Wiff

Hey guys I made a flyer for the after party for the CAKE fest next wknd. I play in Naff Wiff.:

Car World Fundraising

Hello slathering fans, special treat for you today - I am debuting a new page from Brandon's Car World, to celebrate the continued success of the Kickstarter campaign I've been working this month - so far 22 of you have backed the printing of my new comic! That's so great, I thank you all, and look forward to sending out your fabulous art prizes next month!

Currently there are six days left, and a few hundred dollars to raise. Have you contributed? Well, if you want a copy of the new comic, you can essentially pre-order it through Kickstarter for ten bucks! It'll come with a free pin, and I'll send it to you at no additional charge. Or you can pick your copy up at this year's C.A.K.E.  Thanks to everyone, sincerely.

Brandon's Car World Kickstarter

Oh yes, we are in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign, I'm raising some money for the printing of 1,000 x color newsprint comics of my newest work! This is that, feel free to donate/essentially pre-orer a copy of the comic w/ a free limited-edition pin for a mere $TEN DOLLARS:


And gosh, how about a sneak preview of some of the work to appear in this new comic? Why not:

Jagoff City

Yeah! new comic in the next issue of Lumpen Magazine! There's a party coming up for this issue, too. Those are always fun:


That's it for now, February sucks, draw and be bad and it'll warm up soon...

Facing the future

Good afternoon, here's a piece called Facing the future, drawn in my standard issue automatic surrealism-inspired style. I am gaga for dada, you see. In other news, I will be exhibiting at this year's C.A.K.E., so expect a new full color comic this summer. International fans can still order my work still from here. If you want to buy this drawing from me send me an email at riverafirst@gmail.com.

I also changed my name to Eddy on January 1st, Eric Rivera is dead. Thanks!

Brandon's Car World USA

Here's a new page from the new series, Brandon's Car World. It's based on young people in Indiana, the worst place I've ever been and the worst people I've ever met.

B.M.T.P. #2

This Halloween, B.M.T.P. hosted another party. Above, you'll see the SPOOKY FLASH imagery I put together. I'm so deep into skull territory I don't know what to do with myself. My favorite skull is probably the Man Woman lift in the bottom left. No one wanted this so I put it on my knee.

I was very pleased with the Reveling Devils piece I put on Chicago poet & perfumer AA Lam.
And this 'Faces of Death' style skull I was also pleased with:
Here's Carrie Vinarsky and I after tattooing for 8 straight hours, see you all at the next BMTP!

Samuel M. Steward's SADOMASOCHISM

Working on some comics based on stories from Samuel M. Steward's Bad Boys And Tough Tattoos, an out of print non-fiction book by Chicago's pioneer tattooist (a.k.a. Phil Sparrow) of the 1950's & 60's, one of my very favorite books.

Lumpen Comic Fall 2014

New Lumpen comics coming out, I'm gonna debut it on my blessed blog, Eric Incorporated, Copyright Eric Industries. 

Banana River Devil Worship: Warumpi Band

Hello Ladies & Tramps, I have been having some fun with my computer lately! Obsessively scrolling through the government's Facebook Surveillance Project, looking for 'likes,' you ask? No no, much more useful, I've been putting my favorite songs in reverse and interpreting the garbled lyrics as surreal poetry. Here's a particularly good one by The Warumpi Band, an Australian Aboriginal Band that I highly recommend.

And here's the original music video for the hit song:

Be on the lookout for a full Banana River Devil Worship Mixtape, coming out in November.