PHTV Lost Tapes

PHTV Lost Tapes - After School 2 from Eric Rivera on Vimeo.

Here's a bit we made with the After School characters last summer, which we decided wasn't all that funny. In an effort to keep pumping garbage into the internet vortex, hwoever, I'veput it up for you, my legions of fans.

Ugh as I type this I can smell my hair, gross. I need a haircut so badly, but I couldn't possibly pay someone to do it, and I sure don't want to stand in my 40-degree bathroom for two hours and cut it myself. So long, lank and greasy it must remain. Though certainly I should go bathe. So I'll go do that. Watch this shitty video I put up. It will get you ready for the screening that's happening at my house of all new and wonderful material on Jan. 22. More details to come.

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