Out With the Old (Sorry Grandma)

Magic Screen - 2005 from Eric Rivera on Vimeo.

Ah yes, a video I made five years ago for the Dan Gratz Etch a Sketch art show. They didn't have all this internet stuff back then (yes they did), so I had to wait til 2010 to share it. You can see his stuff at www.dangratz.com.

Also if you're wondering what's up with that linup of people in the photo, that's the crowd at the art gallery. You're wondering why people aren't crowded shoulder to shoulder, their backs to the artwork, women in 6 inch high fetishist's boots, men wearing purses and gold jackets, eyes darting like children as they search the crowd for the great names and faces in contemporary art.  I don't know why, that's more fun. These midwesterners need to get a fuckin' clue, right?! HAW! HAW! HAW!

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