Hollywood Elementary

Hollywood Elementary - Kneel Young from Eric Rivera on Vimeo.
Well it looks like Eric Rivera has an internet presence again, thank god. Hopefully Andy and Adair haven't found a new sporadically updated blog to look at while they pleasure themselves.

Here we've got a music video for Hollywood Elementary. Which is really just one man, Pat Thurber, who lives in Michigan. When we were in high school he threw a phone at me and it gave me a black eye. That's the only black eye I ever had. I always secretly kind of wanted one because I thought they looked cool. So thank you, Pat. Little did I know, I would grow up to have two permanently bluish black circles, one under each eye, for the rest of my life due to exhaustion, poor diet and binge drinking. So I suppose I got more than I bargained for hm? But don't we always. Don't we always.

By the way I live in England now.

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