puddin' #2

hello old slathering fool fans, eddy rivera here. i almost never post on here anymore - do you want me to get back to internet "blogging?" do i have something to say? people used to come on here and read this blog, but maybe it's getting to be an outdated platform. i think instagram sort of took over and is so much easier to use and better-but considerably more evil, as well. i am drinking coffee and want to get away from the horrific paris terror news.

puddin' #2 hit the market. this issue is 60 pages! there are about twice as many contributors! color cover! 4-page color insert! more photos! more drawings! it's really good, you can order it here.

cover image, edited by Melba & AA Lam

cartoon by R.I.V.
cartoon by R.I.V.

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