Update Oct 28 2016

Hello ravenous public, I haven't been updating this blog at ALL, because I happen to know that almost no one looks at it and this medium is sort of out of date. However, I just applied for the LA Art Book Fair and I want to update all my stupid websites and make sure they are packed with up-to-date CONTENT in case the judges decide to dig around. Hi judges, I really, really want to be in the book fair and I'll do such a good job with the people and bring lots of great, subversive materials. 

I should probably do this once a week because my life is wild and I should write it down more. Here's a few pictures. For more commodified existence, check out ed.riv on Instagram. And remember to do your research on the election, the presidential position is not real but local politics are. Vote Mickey Mouse!

Drawing Club at YOLANDA.
Working on Halloween Party decorations w Marcusi, Nigrosh, Dana Bassett at ACRE.
Made an 8-ball reaper for the party which is tonight at ACRE HQ. 

Rivera seen here on Polaroid with tiny dog.

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