Office Artwork #2

This flyer for the now defunct Brooklyn band Magic Tricks actually astounds me. I think I spent 3 solid days working on it at an old job a few years ago. Astounds me because it really did take that many hours to meticulously cut out all those pictures of rubber masks (the original Photoshop file must've had 50 layers to it), it astounds me because the idea is so good, and it's completely astonishing that the only copy in existence is a tattered old printer copy that I just scanned in. No one saw it then, and no one will see it now. 

Also here is a prime example of why the New York music scene sucks so badly...a Tuesday night show for $7? With four randomly chosen bands? At a venue with beers that cost as much as the entry? No wonder everyone just wants to go see DJ's. Thanks, New York.

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