Cologne Factory Performance a Success...?

Last Saturday saw the debut of the new Cologne Factory band. The Storyteller and Joel Harries also performed. THis was the first time I'd seen The Storyteller, and I was glad he was on the bill, it was a nice transition from Joel's perfect and gorgeous songs to the absolute mess that was Cologne Factory. Not to say The Storyteller is halfway to being a total mess, but it was nice to have the ambience raised a bit from Joel's somber performance. Not to say Joel is TOO somber, etc. Is everyone as sensitive as I'm making them out to be? Joel was great, Storyteller was funny and good, Cologne Factory was a trainwreck that people luckily seemed interested in watching unfold, wet and gasping, into this world. Neither Matt nor Henry quit the band, so I think we'll be playing again very soon, hopefully at a house party? Does anyone need a band to ply in their kitchen? We're most comfortable playing in kitchens.

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Patrick Thurber said...

audio from the show please?