Garth Brooks Hell

Garth Brooks Hell from Eric Rivera on Vimeo.
So now that I don't go to work everyday, and I find myself with tons of extra time like I always dreamed of, these little projects happen. This Garth Brooks video took me about two hours to put together, export, upload, and now here I am writing a little "article." Ok, ok, this isn't really an article now, is it?

Anyway, how the hell have we time traveled into a completely different world since this Garth Brooks concert aired (on ABC primetime) roughly 17 years ago? There is not a single living artist on the planet in present day that enough people would be interested in to warrant an hour long concert special. Well, maybe Michael Jackson (he is still alive, you've gotta see this documentary I saw on the internet, it'll convince you...dude). Really though, we simply don't have any big musician stars like that anymore (for a lot of annoying resons that have to do with facebook and cell phones and stuff that you really don't want to listen to me lecture about). And Garth Brooks wasn't even the cock of the walk.

The best part of the video is obviously how Garth never stops moving while he sings. I can just picture a middle aged woman coming home from the concert, gloating: "he was so good. And you know what, he never stops moving.  Ohh. So talented." I dunno. I mean, I like when David Byrne does it, but he's tall and slim and I like the songs a lot. When Garth does it, he's got that horrible blue cowboy shirt that probably cost $800, and he's got such an awkward man figure, it's how I imagine myself looking in the middle of winter when I look in the mirror and say, "oh, I'm getting fat," and then Sarah will say, "you're crazy, you're not fat." And I am crazy because really, I don't think I look like Garth Brooks at all.

Also, how about that incredibly natural and sincere parting bit he gives at the end? Was that 1993 or 1950? I guess it just goes to show that the music and TV industry were being run by the same 200 year old Jewish billionaires then as in 1950 as in 2010. Woah, 2010. It sounds like the future, and today I feel all trippy about it, especially because I keep watching Garth Brooks leap out onto that rope swing in slow motion. Fuhck dude.

Finally, I love this song in slow motion. I kind of like it regular speed too, but there's something about it at 65% that is kind of trippy and cool like a Velvet Underground song or something.  Ok, I gotta go.

PS: My scanner is broken or something so you won't be getting any pictures for a little while, Andy and Adair. After my hiatus I may have lost Albert.


andy said...

brilliant work, dawg. welcome back to the real world - Internet.

Unknown said...

No way bro I'm right here.


Samantha O'Farrell said...
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