Brain Frame 14 - some more stuff about that

Brain Frame 14 yes there's still more to share regarding last months event - I've been a bit lazy about posting this stuff and now it feels a bit like beating a dead horse but also this is the ERIC RIVERA  BLOG, i.e. no one cares and all of this information will be lost when a solar flare destroys all of the work I've posted on the ethernet in order to immortalize myself and join forces bit by bit with the great singularity.

So I wanted to share the runner up drawings I recieved for the Brain Frame thing. First, here is what the worksheet looked like that everyone got, and the one pictured is the winning drawing, from Krystal DiFronzo:
And now below you can see some of the mystery runner up drawings. If anyone knows who drew them, let me know, I can only pick out a few - like I assume Ian McDuffy & Grant Reynolds are both responsible for the Garfield psychedelia, both of which I very nearly used. Really, really close to doing Garfield.

Oh, and here is the healed up tat I did based on DiFronzo's submission:

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