Rivera Selling Paintings, Comics, Used Underwear

Hello to all you wonderful, slathering fans, this is your idol, Eric Rivera, I am still alive, I am with you. So as usual, I've let time lapse on this damn blog, thousands of fans begging and pleading for more, more, more.

What can I share with you? First, there's an Energy Gown LP release show this Thursday at Chicago's favorite meat market bar, The Owl.
And this week, Pitchfork featured a music video Frank Pollard made for my favorite EG song.

Finally, the above photos are from a piece I made called Sister Chris Miss, which I'm selling for $300 because it's just so tough to get ahead in this economy, and I want to go on vacation for a few days. Also, Making A Flower is on sale now for a mere $7 if you don't have that yet.

Pen Ink & Song Gallery Features Rivera Comix

This exhibition happened the other night, but I thought I'd share the flyer and a few pics for the slathering fans out there, and the insolent, impotent haters, as well. Thanks to Karlis Kandero for curating the show.
Thanks everyone for visiting and feel free to set up an appointment for viewing this month with Karlis at Pen Ink & Song.

Rivera Comic Featured In New City

Go pick up this week's issue of NEW CITY here in Chicago for my featured comic, Everything In The Booth, Half What It's Marked. If you don't live in Chicago, you can find it on their website.

Rivera's Big Cartel Store!

Hi everyone, I have a new comic called Making A Flower. It's got some brand new comix, a newly colourized version of Easy Money #1, and a couple of older, never before seen pages. 28 page comic, 8.5x11".

You can buy it on my new online store for 8 bux.`

I'm also featured in the incredibly glossy and lush STREP THROAT Vol. 2 anthology/magazine/digest. I really love the format of this book. The corners of it are really sharp, the paper is so high quality they're almost like sheets of plastic. Some sheets ARE actual plastic. There are French comics in here that come with English translation - in the form of a clear plastic sheet with stickers of English replacing French text..Very clever. Has anyone else done this in foreign comix?

The book features a portion of the story Prison Poem - which is, of course, utterly out of print, spread out across the lands, who out there has a copy of that original book?

Obama Is A Holagram

I've become really fascinated by bad graffiti, as the following snapshots might illustrate. Part of the CAKE debut comic I am currently assembling in a state of slight panic features that kind of stuff. There's a lot of stuff going in, though. You'll see. It's gonna be good. I'll show more previews in the coming days.

Rivera Yearbook Photos

I did some self portraits for the Brain Frame yearbook Lyra Hill is putting together with the help of Lillie West. I don't draw myself very often, so this was something I really struggled with. I did a bunch of versions. Here they are. I hate them all.

Peter Almond Has a Bath

Here's a sketch I did of Peter Almond in 2011. I was one of Peter's caretakers in Northampton, UK. It was really hard to get him into that bath sometimes, he had no interest in sitting still. He used to pace around from the time he woke up until bedtime, banging on walls and looking for food. This was one of those rarer instances when he'd mong out in the hot water, and I took the opportunity to draw him. I just found this in a pile of forgotten papers, and into the internet void it must go.

Cologne Factory - 'Humans Are Garbage' Side A

Cologne Factory - Humans Are Garbage Side A from Eric Rivera on Vimeo.

Hi superfans, here's some junk for all my stalkers, collectors, possessors, and obsessives out there.

I put out a tape a couple months ago (of which I sold one copy to Adam Tramposh) called 'Humans Are Garbage,' so here is Side A of that. I just put it to a video art loop I made a few years ago while living in England. I used to play gigs at The Labour Club, and I would project the video loop while I played, to distract from my poor musicianship. Anyway, the opening recording on here is new so I thought I'd share that. Fun stuff.

DiFronzo Response to Rivera Performance

Chicago comix artist extraordinaire Krystal DiFronzo has made a public response to a Brain Frame performance I did last year via our shared, beloved medium.

At said performance, I tricked a crowd into providing me with possible tattoo drawings for a live self-tattooing performance, and Krystal's drawing was chosen. It struck me at a certain point in the evening, maybe too late, that whoever drew the winning drawing might not be thrilled with being fooled into involvement with my potentially scary/self-harm arena of performance art. I'm glad I picked Krystal, she didn't seem to mind. The drawing is great, it's my favorite tattoo, and this comic is really neat. Thanks Krystal!

Filthy Ying Yang

I finished a piece titled Filthy Ying Yang that I'm gonna try to sell to any gangters or ballers that want to live a sophisticated lifestyle including original artwork on their condo gangsta walls. I drew a lot of this while listening to this BBC show on the Anthropocene Age. The description in part 4 of what geologists of another age may find in our fossil records is really scary and interesting - cell phones leaving fossils in stone, that sort of thing. Highly, highly recommended listening.

I also posted a new comic on my website. The Cat Lady can be found in the new 2014 CAKE anthology.

In music, Energy Gown has released a secret full length. You can order a limited run 7-inch from the internet if you collect lathe cut stuff. I was just watching our music video, let's share that again...

CAKE Anthology 2014

Hiiiiiii, I made a comic page for the CAKE anthology coming out this summer in Chicago. I'm going to sit on it so that it's a surprise when the comix fest happens. But I have to create content, content, content, for those of you not wrapped up in the Royal Throne series, Mad Man season 7, Real Detectives, or The Commissioner: Boston Code Red...here is a sample of the comic out in 3 months. I am working furiously on more to come.


Black Market Tattoos 3/1/14

If you don't know, I am a tattoo hobbyist, and give my pals black market tattoos sometimes. I gave my friend Neal a tattoo of the "Ti pierre dantor," which is a vodou symbol of feminine worship. That's it on his forearm there. Neal is a 61 year old anarcho punk who is collecting amateur tattoos. As he put it, "hey man, I'm 61 years old, I just want some fuckin' tattoos!" Marcus Mader was kind enough to take this photo. 

Rejected Chicago Reader Comic

This winter the Chicago Reader announced big, exciting plans to put out an "all-comics" issue, something that apparently also happened like 13 years ago. Almost everyone in comix world submitted something, and while a few pals were featured on the Reader website, I think the comix community was fairly disappointed to open the big issue and find a piddling eight pages dedicated to comics. None of my pals were in the issue (all the good stuff got cut), and the comics featured were only the most computer-y looking stuff. It was sort of a bummer that Chicago's largest publication (and thus loudest voice) would claim they were representing the current climate of comix in the city (indeed, making it the cover story), and then showcase a tiny sliver of a very particular kind of junk.

MY particular kind of junk was fully rejected, so I thought I'd show it to the slathering, writhing masses, who have been rolling over themselves, begging, praying & pleading for more Rivera comix.  

Lumpen's Future Primitive

Go pick up the newest Lumpen magazine, the free Chicago Art rag - lots of great comics inside. This piece is inspired by a book I was reading at the time, A Canticle For Liebowitz.

Dinosaur Paperwork

E.B. Rivera, Dinosaur Paperwork, oil pastel and construction paper, 2013.