Jagoff City

Yeah! new comic in the next issue of Lumpen Magazine! There's a party coming up for this issue, too. Those are always fun:


That's it for now, February sucks, draw and be bad and it'll warm up soon...

Facing the future

Good afternoon, here's a piece called Facing the future, drawn in my standard issue automatic surrealism-inspired style. I am gaga for dada, you see. In other news, I will be exhibiting at this year's C.A.K.E., so expect a new full color comic this summer. International fans can still order my work still from here. If you want to buy this drawing from me send me an email at riverafirst@gmail.com.

I also changed my name to Eddy on January 1st, Eric Rivera is dead. Thanks!

Brandon's Car World USA

Here's a new page from the new series, Brandon's Car World. It's based on young people in Indiana, the worst place I've ever been and the worst people I've ever met.

B.M.T.P. #2

This Halloween, B.M.T.P. hosted another party. Above, you'll see the SPOOKY FLASH imagery I put together. I'm so deep into skull territory I don't know what to do with myself. My favorite skull is probably the Man Woman lift in the bottom left. No one wanted this so I put it on my knee.

I was very pleased with the Reveling Devils piece I put on Chicago poet & perfumer AA Lam.
And this 'Faces of Death' style skull I was also pleased with:
Here's Carrie Vinarsky and I after tattooing for 8 straight hours, see you all at the next BMTP!

Samuel M. Steward's SADOMASOCHISM

Working on some comics based on stories from Samuel M. Steward's Bad Boys And Tough Tattoos, an out of print non-fiction book by Chicago's pioneer tattooist (a.k.a. Phil Sparrow) of the 1950's & 60's, one of my very favorite books.

Lumpen Comic Fall 2014

New Lumpen comics coming out, I'm gonna debut it on my blessed blog, Eric Incorporated, Copyright Eric Industries. 

Banana River Devil Worship: Warumpi Band

Hello Ladies & Tramps, I have been having some fun with my computer lately! Obsessively scrolling through the government's Facebook Surveillance Project, looking for 'likes,' you ask? No no, much more useful, I've been putting my favorite songs in reverse and interpreting the garbled lyrics as surreal poetry. Here's a particularly good one by The Warumpi Band, an Australian Aboriginal Band that I highly recommend.

And here's the original music video for the hit song:

Be on the lookout for a full Banana River Devil Worship Mixtape, coming out in November.

Brandon's Car World / Everything In the Booth Half What It's Marked Sneak Peeks

New panels, can't help myself. Brandon's Car World comes out next month.

Brandon's Car World

I am working on a lot of new material right now, but my online presence has been very low, which is like, good LORD, what would that even mean more than ten years ago? Why do I need to spoil the surprise this way? Because this is how everyone does it now? Oh well, I like the very palpable rush that seven 'likes' gives me.

Brandon's Car World is where I'm putting a lot of my focus right now. It's very Rivera.

I'm thinking about changing my name, maybe my first name. Ideas include Connie, Aloe, Banana, Carrot, Ito, Chitty, & Sandy.

Look out for more panels, I'll be cranking them all through the Autumn of 2014, one of our last years before the Great Cleansing.

Brain Frame Yearbook Comic

A few months ago Brain Frame ended a great three year run that my lifeline luckily ran into upon moving to Chicago because rent was cheap here and I was totally broke after a failed attempt at life as an expatriate in England. I sort of thought I was going to eventually live in California and I still sort of think that.

There's a Brain Frame yearbook that commemorates all the great art that happened through these events. You can buy one online, I think? Give me five minutes to check with my sluggish, dying computer...yes, you can buy a Brain Frame yearbook HERE.

I submitted this page, it's a fun new style that I'd like to explore more.

Rivera Selling Paintings, Comics, Used Underwear

Hello to all you wonderful, slathering fans, this is your idol, Eric Rivera, I am still alive, I am with you. So as usual, I've let time lapse on this damn blog, thousands of fans begging and pleading for more, more, more.

What can I share with you? First, there's an Energy Gown LP release show this Thursday at Chicago's favorite meat market bar, The Owl.
And this week, Pitchfork featured a music video Frank Pollard made for my favorite EG song.

Finally, the above photos are from a piece I made called Sister Chris Miss, which I'm selling for $300 because it's just so tough to get ahead in this economy, and I want to go on vacation for a few days. Also, Making A Flower is on sale now for a mere $7 if you don't have that yet.

Pen Ink & Song Gallery Features Rivera Comix

This exhibition happened the other night, but I thought I'd share the flyer and a few pics for the slathering fans out there, and the insolent, impotent haters, as well. Thanks to Karlis Kandero for curating the show.
Thanks everyone for visiting and feel free to set up an appointment for viewing this month with Karlis at Pen Ink & Song.

Rivera Comic Featured In New City

Go pick up this week's issue of NEW CITY here in Chicago for my featured comic, Everything In The Booth, Half What It's Marked. If you don't live in Chicago, you can find it on their website.

Rivera's Big Cartel Store!

Hi everyone, I have a new comic called Making A Flower. It's got some brand new comix, a newly colourized version of Easy Money #1, and a couple of older, never before seen pages. 28 page comic, 8.5x11".

You can buy it on my new online store for 8 bux.`

I'm also featured in the incredibly glossy and lush STREP THROAT Vol. 2 anthology/magazine/digest. I really love the format of this book. The corners of it are really sharp, the paper is so high quality they're almost like sheets of plastic. Some sheets ARE actual plastic. There are French comics in here that come with English translation - in the form of a clear plastic sheet with stickers of English replacing French text..Very clever. Has anyone else done this in foreign comix?

The book features a portion of the story Prison Poem - which is, of course, utterly out of print, spread out across the lands, who out there has a copy of that original book?

Obama Is A Holagram

I've become really fascinated by bad graffiti, as the following snapshots might illustrate. Part of the CAKE debut comic I am currently assembling in a state of slight panic features that kind of stuff. There's a lot of stuff going in, though. You'll see. It's gonna be good. I'll show more previews in the coming days.