Filthy Ying Yang

I finished a piece titled Filthy Ying Yang that I'm gonna try to sell to any gangters or ballers that want to live a sophisticated lifestyle including original artwork on their condo gangsta walls. I drew a lot of this while listening to this BBC show on the Anthropocene Age. The description in part 4 of what geologists of another age may find in our fossil records is really scary and interesting - cell phones leaving fossils in stone, that sort of thing. Highly, highly recommended listening.

I also posted a new comic on my website. The Cat Lady can be found in the new 2014 CAKE anthology.

In music, Energy Gown has released a secret full length. You can order a limited run 7-inch from the internet if you collect lathe cut stuff. I was just watching our music video, let's share that again...

CAKE Anthology 2014

Hiiiiiii, I made a comic page for the CAKE anthology coming out this summer in Chicago. I'm going to sit on it so that it's a surprise when the comix fest happens. But I have to create content, content, content, for those of you not wrapped up in the Royal Throne series, Mad Man season 7, Real Detectives, or The Commissioner: Boston Code is a sample of the comic out in 3 months. I am working furiously on more to come.


Black Market Tattoos 3/1/14

If you don't know, I am a tattoo hobbyist, and give my pals black market tattoos sometimes. I gave my friend Neal a tattoo of the "Ti pierre dantor," which is a vodou symbol of feminine worship. That's it on his forearm there. Neal is a 61 year old anarcho punk who is collecting amateur tattoos. As he put it, "hey man, I'm 61 years old, I just want some fuckin' tattoos!" Marcus Mader was kind enough to take this photo. 

Rejected Chicago Reader Comic

This winter the Chicago Reader announced big, exciting plans to put out an "all-comics" issue, something that apparently also happened like 13 years ago. Almost everyone in comix world submitted something, and while a few pals were featured on the Reader website, I think the comix community was fairly disappointed to open the big issue and find a piddling eight pages dedicated to comics. None of my pals were in the issue (all the good stuff got cut), and the comics featured were only the most computer-y looking stuff. It was sort of a bummer that Chicago's largest publication (and thus loudest voice) would claim they were representing the current climate of comix in the city (indeed, making it the cover story), and then showcase a tiny sliver of a very particular kind of junk.

MY particular kind of junk was fully rejected, so I thought I'd show it to the slathering, writhing masses, who have been rolling over themselves, begging, praying & pleading for more Rivera comix.  

Lumpen's Future Primitive

Go pick up the newest Lumpen magazine, the free Chicago Art rag - lots of great comics inside. This piece is inspired by a book I was reading at the time, A Canticle For Liebowitz.

Dinosaur Paperwork

E.B. Rivera, Dinosaur Paperwork, oil pastel and construction paper, 2013.

PNG Winter Triptych

PNG Winter Triptych, E.B. Rivera, watercolor and ink on paper, 2014.

I finished three new auto surrealism watercolor pieces, which are really painstaking to make and tend to induce slight delirium, headaches, and occasionally migraines in the artist through conception. Now I will pack these paintings up and send them to a collector living in the hills of Los Angeles, CA. I wish I lived in LA right now, as Chicago is deep chilled by our second "polar vortex" in as many weeks. Instead, I stay indoors drawing, grow pale and soft, sleep restlessly. I've been having really frightening nightmares, often set in my childhood home, often involving rat infestations. Of course I was born in the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. What could it mean, as the water levels rise around the globe, secret wars rage on between the Reptilians and the Holograms, human men fed to the deluge like common fodder, the morlocks kept brainwashed through their Coke and Pepsi, brains whirring on nitrogen haze, balls full, eyes glazed from digital vapor.

Tio Ariel in gouache

I tried my hand at gouache a few weeks ago and made this study of my Tio Ariel, one of many weird uncles. Here's the time he made it onto FECAL FACE. And below are some pictures of his tattoo collection I took on Christmas.

Also, I haven't posted anything on here in like ten years, so in 2014 I am going to start putting more junk on here. I started using Instagram for a while, but what a pitiful way that is to show work. More to come, old fans. You haven't heard the last of Rivera yet.

Brain Frame 14

Eric Rivera reads Easy Money from Lyra Hill on Vimeo.

This is out there now...awesome job everbody.

Brain Frame 14 - some more stuff about that

Brain Frame 14 yes there's still more to share regarding last months event - I've been a bit lazy about posting this stuff and now it feels a bit like beating a dead horse but also this is the ERIC RIVERA  BLOG, i.e. no one cares and all of this information will be lost when a solar flare destroys all of the work I've posted on the ethernet in order to immortalize myself and join forces bit by bit with the great singularity.

So I wanted to share the runner up drawings I recieved for the Brain Frame thing. First, here is what the worksheet looked like that everyone got, and the one pictured is the winning drawing, from Krystal DiFronzo:
And now below you can see some of the mystery runner up drawings. If anyone knows who drew them, let me know, I can only pick out a few - like I assume Ian McDuffy & Grant Reynolds are both responsible for the Garfield psychedelia, both of which I very nearly used. Really, really close to doing Garfield.

Oh, and here is the healed up tat I did based on DiFronzo's submission:

Brain Frame 14 pixxx

Jello slathering fans and welcome to the downgraded "news section of the Rivera online juggernaut presence. As always, REMEMBER to click over to for the newest version of my great singularity web presence.

In the meantime I am posting up some pictures from the last BRAIN FRAME event here in Chicago. Gillian Fry took the pictures. Krystal DiFronzo won the competition I arranged and thus, her crazy snake drawing was used for my on the spot tat I did. You see what I'm up to in the pictures.
I suddenly feel very silly posting photos of myself on my own blog here, gross. How self-congratulatory. But that's life, if I really have such a problem with it, I can close my accounts and live in the woods. I'd hate living in the woods, I think. I'm not sure though, I've never even been camping. I like living in the city and drinking cappuccinos & looking up pictures of crazy skin disorders on wikipedia. You know, the craziest ones, like Tree Man. I was going to link the name, "Tree Man," to a gross video of that poor Indonesian guy, but then I looked at a picture of him just now and felt sick and bad, I change my mind.

Gettin' Pretty Late...

I made a mix of late night music I liked listening to while drawing Easy Money. Making a mix is pretty fun time wasting. I think you should be able to download it on soundcloud.

New website

Hey faithful reader, this blog has obviously been sort of dying for many months now, blogspot is ugly and basically bad, so I had to figure out a new thing that looks better. which is...this website here:

Go ahead, click it. From now on, all the new artworks will go on there, carefully managed and curated by Eric B. Rivera. was already taken, so I guess because of that piece of shit, I have to change my name and add the "B" for Benjamin. Is that alright? I don't like the "B," but that's the way it is. 

Anyway, I will make this page a "news" page now, and link it onto the menu bar on the new site. Right. Ok. 

Sunny Daze Music Mass II

Energy Gown is playing a couple shows in Milwaukee this coming weekend. I made a flyer for one of them and then it sat on my desk all week. Also I did a Second Chances performance at the MCA for a special edition of Brain Frame at the Dan Clowes exhibit. Here's a still from that. Sean Whittaker played Grevin Cole.

Ying Yang Man

Easy Money, 2013  Page 6

Here's a page from the latest RiveraWorks book, Easy Money. I made an illegal tattoo out of one of the gang logos in this comic (way into gangs lately), which is displayed in the bottom panel. See hairy & grotesque leg, below:
Also I managed to snap like five pictures at the Chicago CAKE fest before my AA batteries died. My favorite is Plastic Crimewave cranking out obituary illustrations for his Chicago Reader column. He got a lot of work done on both days while I sucked down Coconut La Croix's and ate candy.
Lots of exciting comicky stuff coming down the pipeline this summer, so stay tuned for all the hot news and stats from RiveraWorks, Inc, a subsidiary of McDonalds, Inc.