Brain Frame 14 pixxx

Jello slathering fans and welcome to the downgraded "news section of the Rivera online juggernaut presence. As always, REMEMBER to click over to for the newest version of my great singularity web presence.

In the meantime I am posting up some pictures from the last BRAIN FRAME event here in Chicago. Gillian Fry took the pictures. Krystal DiFronzo won the competition I arranged and thus, her crazy snake drawing was used for my on the spot tat I did. You see what I'm up to in the pictures.
I suddenly feel very silly posting photos of myself on my own blog here, gross. How self-congratulatory. But that's life, if I really have such a problem with it, I can close my accounts and live in the woods. I'd hate living in the woods, I think. I'm not sure though, I've never even been camping. I like living in the city and drinking cappuccinos & looking up pictures of crazy skin disorders on wikipedia. You know, the craziest ones, like Tree Man. I was going to link the name, "Tree Man," to a gross video of that poor Indonesian guy, but then I looked at a picture of him just now and felt sick and bad, I change my mind.

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