Old Books From the Garbage #1

In what will be an ongoing series I present book #1, The Bolshevik Revolution Vol. 3 by E.H. Carr.

As we all know, many decades ago real artists were employed to make book covers, and they all look like the hippest thing you've ever seen, that's why Urban Outfitters steals all the ideas for their tshirts. Today we got a giant puffy-silver stamping of the author's shitty fake name in 128-point font, and then a CGI rose dripping blood with a diamond in the middle, or some such pathetic horse shit. Point being, these books I find in the garbage, people want to save these covers, or at least, wierdos (yeah, it's pretty wierd to collect garbage sure) like me, where as the new badly designed book covers today won't be treasured by anyone.

I flipped through this book and it was really boring. They usually are. Boring.

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