Rivera Selling Paintings, Comics, Used Underwear

Hello to all you wonderful, slathering fans, this is your idol, Eric Rivera, I am still alive, I am with you. So as usual, I've let time lapse on this damn blog, thousands of fans begging and pleading for more, more, more.

What can I share with you? First, there's an Energy Gown LP release show this Thursday at Chicago's favorite meat market bar, The Owl.
And this week, Pitchfork featured a music video Frank Pollard made for my favorite EG song.

Finally, the above photos are from a piece I made called Sister Chris Miss, which I'm selling for $300 because it's just so tough to get ahead in this economy, and I want to go on vacation for a few days. Also, Making A Flower is on sale now for a mere $7 if you don't have that yet.

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