Second Chances

Well, well. I still haven't found a new scanner, but I did decide to go down to the Kinko's this morning and use their grossly over-priced little PC computer lab. Things are coming to a head in the Second Chances alternate universe. Grevin Cole may or may not be getting dangerously close to a young woman's drug-world. Tony Renzetti has been getting sexually abused. Not sure why I decided to go there. Thanks to Wally Krinkle's storyline I get to draw a bunch of cars. This is a universe I participate in more than the actual universe. Although I did have a nice, long & indulgent Halloween weekend. Here in the actual universe of Chicago, Illinois. Here is a picture of myself as Crackula and Sean Whittaker as a costume contest-winning Wolfman peforming a Monster Mash/Crocodile Rock medley which promptly cleared out most of the room:

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