Rivera's Big Cartel Store!

Hi everyone, I have a new comic called Making A Flower. It's got some brand new comix, a newly colourized version of Easy Money #1, and a couple of older, never before seen pages. 28 page comic, 8.5x11".

You can buy it on my new online store for 8 bux.`

I'm also featured in the incredibly glossy and lush STREP THROAT Vol. 2 anthology/magazine/digest. I really love the format of this book. The corners of it are really sharp, the paper is so high quality they're almost like sheets of plastic. Some sheets ARE actual plastic. There are French comics in here that come with English translation - in the form of a clear plastic sheet with stickers of English replacing French text..Very clever. Has anyone else done this in foreign comix?

The book features a portion of the story Prison Poem - which is, of course, utterly out of print, spread out across the lands, who out there has a copy of that original book?

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