Midde School Comics

Ah yes, everyone's favorite segment! Comics I made in the mid 90's, age 12/13. Here we have page 3-4 of the Gramma & Billy opus. I like the completely unnecessary cursing on almost every page of this comic. Also it appears I did NOT steal the "HA! HA! HA!" way of spelling a laugh from John Steinbeck, as I thought I had...I'd not read him yet, I guess I made it up myself in 1995 instead of learning how to divide fractions/solve complex betting scenarios.
This is really bad work, but every once in a while it seems like there would be a certain thing I'd decide I wanted to draw properly, and you can see me sort of figure it out from panel to panel. Drawing a human hand was not something I would figure out anytime soon (nor have I yet, or almost anyone making comics, it seems).
Celebrity guest appearances and tiny, Sergio Aragones-inspired margin jokes both ruin every single page of this embarrassing junk. Michael Richards & Paul Reubens were my favorite actors at this time. That's all for this installment of completely trivial and boring internet garbage.

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davor said...

Far superior to my comics from that epoch of my life.