Middle School Comics

Here's some great old mid-1990's garbage I did in about 6th grade, if I remember correctly...the only comics I had been exposed to at this point were an issue of Ren & Stimpy, as well as the very first issues of The Maxx and Beavis & Butthead (which is probably worth something today). I may have also started reading the Jurassic park comics at this point. Mainly I pored over the Sunday comics in the newspaper, and saved all of them in a giant stack - early signals of the hoarding that would continue throughout my life (saving everything except money).

Gramma & Billy is the longest comic I made in this era - something like ten pages. It's a total mess but also sort of cute to look at today (although perhaps depressing as well, considering this work in conjunction with the obesity and wild mood swings occurring in my life in the mid 90's, age 12/13). Billy is a fat dork probably based on a mix of Randy Clowers and Tony Kometz (overweight, nerdy classmates), and his grandmother is a pile of goop which moves and speaks.

I made these comics in class rather than studying or participating, and consequently was receiving very poor marks in school at this time and for several more years. Luckily my craftsmanship has greatly improved, and today, comics are no longer the detriment to my existence, they are actually my bread and butter, how I make my living and livelihood...?
Santa Gets Drunk, Part 1

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