Brain Burns 1

Here is a new segment where I scan in images that have been burned into my brain from a young age and now influence my drawings. This is a stamp I got for my birthday, maybe my 7th or 8th birthday, and managed to save over the years. I used to pore over the tiny scene and was infatuated with the tiny, simple red dinosaur in the bottom right was somehow an emblem of the printing process for me, and I liked how it jars with the delicate black linework of the other mighty beasts. I love when those old dinosaur paintings crammed 6 or 7 different species into one small frame, as though they'd all peacefully congregate like that. 


Lyra said...

I like this segment! And thanks for pointing out that small red dinosaur. I get it. This is a good stamp. The small red dinosaur in the upper left is good too.

EB Rivera said...

Yeah, I might get a tattoo of one of them, that might be a neat secret special thing to have. That's it, my mind is made up. New tattoo.