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Well I've just returned from the Austin Psych Fest 2012, which truly cracked my brain open, to see so much wonderful cutting edge music and counter cultural stuff going on. Sun Araw, Amen Dunes, and Niger's Bombino were my favorites from each day. Austin is a really beautiful town, though I'm glad I live in Chicago and happy to be home.

Up above is a new page from Chinese Rocks. You'll be seeing more pages up soon, as I've figured out the newly redesigned blogspot site and want to have lots of new content on here, now that my cdza video is up online and my big beige face is on Gawker. I'm hoping the anonymous comments will get snarkier, but so far nothing has topped 2009's meanest comment,  "I suggest killing yourself forthwith" from the burgeoning Brooklyn Pog Rap scene we were so influential in back then.

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tryanmax said...

I found "History of Whistling" via Though I am a little disappointed that The Scorpions didn't make the mix. :( As one who is always getting told to "stop whistling" I love this vid and Imma share the ¢®@¶ out of it. Totally cool!