Second Chances #1 Premieres at Brain Frame

This Thursday, Jan 19th, I will be taking part in Chicago's most exciting public comix event, Brain Frame 4. Check out the flyer above for the details of the performance. Come on out to see Second Chances performed live, and get your hands on a copy of the brand new, limited edition, full color Second Chances #1, signed, numbered, and monographed by  the author, yes, Eric Rivera. And meet Tony & Grevin in person! Thursday night at 8pm! Look for this new edition the night of the event, or at fine booksellers like Quimby's.
And sometimes it's mildly appropriate to pull out these old Partyhouse TV clips, which were the inception of the Tony/Grevin enterprise. Below you'll find the last and best Partyhouse TV episode, in two parts. Andy Mills is in New York, so I have a new white guy to play Grevin, Sean Whittaker.

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