Internal Combustion Engine of Variety

I've been developing an unhealthy obsession with bad cable access television, perhaps sparked by my return to Northwest Indiana this month. That's probably because of the cable access show I was a part of over a decade ago, as a horrible, fat high school dickhead. I found a cd with the intro and outro to the first terrible episode of The Internal Combustion Engine of Variety in my parent's basement. It's not funny or interesting unless you're Pat, Andy, or myself, but I will throw it on my blog for the ten Hungarian superfans who seem to be following my site (or one SUPER super fan checking ten times daily). Anyway, there's a lot more content coming this week, but this old video ought to tide you over, a real trip down memory lane. Once you're done with your video trips down MAMMARY lane, fellas. Before you watch, let me also mention that the first song is a very early Pat Thurber original composition, which is pretty impressive in comparison to the rest of the video.

And here's some of my favorite cable access clips that I've been watching lately from around the USA. God bless you all.

This guy is a complete fucking idiot:

That'll do.

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