Strip Clubs Over the Years

Over the years, it seems I've been drawing the same strip club scene over and over. This might stem from the fact that, though Northwest Indiana, my old stomping grounds, is packed full of seedy clubs like Showgirls, Dream Girls, Honey's, and some other nasty places with nasty names, I never actually went to one of them. When I was a teenager I went to New Orleans on a road trip, and us young guys snuck into a strip club drunk. Quite drunk. And after a few minutes, we sort of realized that the club was a bit too seedy, and it was probably a little too late, for us to be out. I think it was a black club, because all the dancers were black. I don't remember there being many other patrons at that hour. But there was a prostitute trying to get our most handsome friend to come with her (upstairs maybe?). We ordered drinks but then tried to slip out before they brought them to us. The bouncer blocked our way and made us pay and drink them before we left. So that's my only strip club experience. Now I find myself drawing what I imagine they might look like over and over. Maybe it's because I want to draw naked girls..which I'm not very good at, granted.

The earliest thing I found was this sketch from the Jason Gaboian comic, the red markings are a critique from Andy Mills.
 Then came the final version of this sketch:

Now I've basically redone this scene for the new Tony & Grevin Extravaganza...So I guess that's just three strip club scenes, really, but I am sure there will be more soon enough. I'm bored writing this.

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